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While I am new to the Consulting arena, I believe that the years of experience in life, business and health challengers maybe of help to many. I am currently completing courses in many different wellbeing facets which I continually pick up helpful information. Currently however I am offering my services at a very reasonable rate to gain experience. These services are completely 100% refundable if you feel you have not gained anything from the time we spend together.

Below I have briefly listed consulting services that I am currently offering. Each one I am in different stages of research and learning, however are confident as of now I can be of help. I look forward in working with you towards your goal or just a helping hand.

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Have a chat services was a thought I come up with based on my own personal experiences. The ability to sit down or call/zoom and just get things off my chest to do with business, family, friends, health and relationships was something I needed but struggled to find sometimes. I still today wish I could find somebody like me!

There are services out there but can be expensive and to be honest, I struggled to find anybody who had lived life. You can’t understand life and a lot of circumstances out of a text book.

You can also have the option to talk to friends, however do you want to drag them in to your problems or feelings. Are they also going to be free of any bias or conflicting pressures.

I promise I will listen, not judge and help you hopefully make your own decisions or just find some relieve just being able to talk to someone.

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Peripheral Neuropathy & Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

The problem you have in Australia is finding medical practitioners or even specialists with any knowledge of Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Then if you do find one, they are booked in advanced and charge a small fortunate for initial consultations then ongoing costly follow ups. For people in regional locations like myself, this is even a worse situation, so I have been there and done that.

The next issue is even ones that are specialists still have limited real knowledge and time to properly diagnose if indeed you have this condition. I have spent thousands of dollars and many years to have diagnosed myself because I had limited to no help from the medical system.

What I hope to do is to help you thru the process of discovery. I will supply the tools you need to complete some tests yourself and others to take to your local Medical Practitioners or specialists to make their life easier and to give them an understanding where you are coming from.

As far as your local Medical Practitioner is concerned it is not their fault that they have limited knowledge in this field. They are not trained; however, it is disappointing that they are not given some sort of direction to follow.

Even specialists especially in the public sector don’t give a complete diagnosis and for me I was initially told I was Idiopathic so no know cause. I now believe this was a lazy escape and extremely poor diagnosis on behalf of the specialist. I wonder how many other people have been given a similar or worse still the wrong diagnosis and being treated for something they don’t have.

Because I have been there and still going thru it, am here to help you work towards a diagnosis and hopefully a program you can work to and steer you in the right direction.

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Business Coaching

Having worked since I was about 12, there is not a lot that I have not had a go at over nearly half a century.  Starting my working career washing windscreens at the Adelaide Airport, a milk run Friday night/Saturday morning and packing groceries after school that was the beginning of many things to come. Fulltime work either in the corporate or self-employed world includes the building, telecommunications, printing, café, retail and electrical industries. From there I entered the franchising world both as a franchisor and business development manager for one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia at that time. On top of that many part time gigs such as coach driving, warehousing and security and the list can go on.

Of late my roles of various work includes such things as managing my wife’s business, Hygienik which is Mould and Air Con Cleaning business and Not Happy Jan Handyman which is self-explanatory. I however am now moving to expanded and work within my Wife’s business, Massage Wellbeing Wellness Centre.

I am sure with my experiences I can help with your business direction and growth.

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